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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose On Moving Day movers?

With years of experience in the moving industry, we are well equipped to handle any move situation. From local to long-distance moves, business and in-home moving, packing services, and storage solutions – we are able to take the stress out of your move, and get you where you need to go.

How do I pick the right mover?

The short answer is call us 🙂 Seriously though, we know this is a very personal decision and how important it is for your moving company to be a good fit for your needs.  Hhere are some steps to get your search for a mover started:

  1. Create a list of local moving companies you plan to research.
  2. Get a quote from each mover. Make sure to get moving quotes directly from a company’s official website or phone number. Some of the top search results on Google are actually companies that sell leads to moving companies. Working with movers directly cuts out any middlemen and will result in the lowest price.
  3. Learn about each moving company’s reputation by reading online reviews from real customers.
  4. Ask whether each company is licensed and how they’re insured.
  5. Determine how each mover’s schedule works. Is your move date guaranteed? Will the same person who loads up your belongings transport and unload them as well?
  6. Make sure you’re comfortable with how each mover charges, their cancellation policy, and whether or not a deposit is required.
  7. Choose whichever company best fits your move; everyone’s needs are different.
What should I keep with me on moving day?

You are going to want to keep anything you think you and your family will use on moving day. Some of the most common items are toilet paper, paper towels, snacks, phone chargers, things to keep your kids occupied and entertained, and your kids favourite toys. You will also want to keep any medication and important documents like birth certificates and passports with you. You may also want to set aside valuables and sentimental items. On the day of your move, you should put these things in a box or bag that you will take to your new home yourself.

When do I need an in-home estimate?

Generally, movers can give you an estimate over the phone. In some cases though, moving companies may need to visit your home in person to give you an accurate quote. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may need an in-home estimate:

  • Is your home 1,500 square feet or larger?
  • Do you have any large or bulky items (e.g., safes or pianos) that may be difficult to move safely and securely?
  • Do you have very valuable items like fine art?
  • Does your home have any narrow hallways, doorways, or stairways that furniture cannot fit through?
  • Will movers have difficulty parking a 26 ft. truck close to your home?
  • Are you moving out of province?

We offer free in-home estimates when needed, so getting you an accurate estimate is never a hassle.